10 Horrific 2013 Gaming Glitches That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Everyone repeat after us... WTF?!

You'd think after decades of refinement, and at the tail-end of a generation of consoles that had seen thousands of games released and hundreds of metaphorical miles of progression made in the industry, video game developers would now be able to steer clear of things like bugs and glitches. Surely, after seeing broken games released too early, 2013's crop of developers weren't going to let anything even remotely glitched see the light of day under their watch? Well, no, frankly, that wasn't the case. Even with the internet promising to publicly out every single bug in even the most universally loved releases, studios are still pushing out undercooked titles that wouldn't have made it past the quality control stage on even the most casual of shifts. And as a result, the net is bulging with instances of the best and most brilliant glitches of the past twelve months of gaming. Some are incredibly funny, while some are just a tragic indictment of an industry too focused on release dates to the detriment of their products, but the most affecting tend to be those that are haunting, or creepy, and which unwittingly leave a mental scar that it is impossible to shake off.

Honourable Mention

Giant Hands - Fifa 14
It's hard to tell whether or not someone has been playing around with their FIFA 14 to create this giant handed player effect, but the result is so deliriously brilliant, and equally creepy that it wouldn't have been right not to include it, if only for this ref and his comically over-sized red card...

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