10 Horrific 2013 Gaming Glitches That Will Haunt Your Dreams

10. Giant Spock! - Star Trek The Video Game

Star Trek The Video Game was full of unintentionally hilarious moments, thanks to a perceived lack of finesse in the finer details (and apparently in actually testing the game before it was sent out to shelves.) Such is the lot of tie-in games of course, and perhaps we should all be setting expectations lower, but when things like perspective are broken, there's no hope. At one stage in the game, if you approach Spock with your tricorder, he grows into a giant as the game fails to register the change in perspective properly, which is both exhilarating for nerds and horrifying. Not only that, the game was about as broken as could ever be feasibly conceived. The co-op didn't work, which was a fairly sizable issue, but the single player campaign was almost comically broken, with AI issues all the way through and major environmental issues that imagined the presence of terrain that wasn't there (leading to the player hanging from invisible ledges on more than one occasion.) For a start, there was something seriously wrong with Kirk's AI: he went from being an astute military leader, and a dependable member of any Away Team into this guy, just running into the corner of the room, while Spock still unfeasibly professed his undying loyalty to following the captain's lead...
But then another early glitch suggests the blame might lie with what lies inside Kirk's head...
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