10 Horror Video Game Offers You MUST Refuse

These will leave you with the worst possible outcomes.

Prey game
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For the most part we endeavour throughout games to do our very best.

We want the good ending, the satisfying arc, and so we do whatever is in our power to make it a smooth and positive ride. Sometimes though there are little things laid in our path to try and catch us out: characters can make you tempting offers or the game itself can try and lead you to do something that won't help you in the long-run.

It's good to have choices that really impact where a story is going to go, because so often in gaming our choices are a mere illusion that barely make a dent in the narrative's set path. At the same time though, it's a blessing and a curse because our bad choices count as much as the good.

Whether it's a game over screen, an untimely death or a direct ticket to the bad ending, the return we get on taking up an offer of an easy way out or some consequence-free violence often isn't always worth the risk.

What you think you're doing in self-preservation may turn out to be the exact opposite...

10. Until Dawn - Shooting Your Crush

Prey game

By nature, Until Dawn is packed full of high-stakes choices and offers you can barely refuse. In some ways this game has been talked to death by now but when it has such a great selection of moments then you can hardly complain!

One particularly memorable moment occurs when Chris and Ashley find themselves facing off across a table, with Chris given the choice to use the gun they’ve been provided to shoot himself or his crush.

What it essentially boils down is the offer to save your own life at the cost of taking someone else’s - and someone you care about at that. It may seem tempting but if you are to take the mystery killer up on this offer then you could be in for some pushback in the long-term.

Luckily for both of them, the gun is filled with blanks. So, should you choose to shoot Ashley then really both of you will survive. However, understandably, Ashley is pissed off. Later on, as Chris runs from the Wendigo, banging on the door of the nearest building to be let into relative safety, in an act of revenge for his attempt to kill her, Ashley can choose to simply refuse him entry - leaving Chris to have his head ripped clean off his body.

So yeah you can survive blanks in a handgun but later on you’re faced with a much worse fate.

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