10 Horror Video Game Offers You MUST Refuse

9. The Suffering - Being The Bad Guy

Prey game

It’s oh so tempting sometimes to make your digital self a horrible, moral-devoid badass.

It’s not real life, nobody is actually going to get hurt and it means you can blast your way through certain games with blinding speed and power. Who needs morals and emotional hang-ups getting in your way when you just want to survive?

Well if you accept the open offer to embrace your criminal side whilst playing as an incarcerated fella (Torque) in The Suffering, you may change the game’s path for good and get a slightly darker ending.

We learn that our player character has been imprisoned in the first place for murdering his family, but he protests his innocence right up until the end. There are three different endings to the game, and only one of them sees it confirmed that Torque did not kill his family.

If you allow yourself to be tempted to the dark side whilst playing, ignoring the moral guidance of your wife, the game ends by revealing either that Torque really did brutally murder his wife and kids (Bad End) or that he accidentally killed his wife, then his kids died by murder-suicide (Neutral End).

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