10 Horror Video Games BANNED For Being Too Scary

7. Condemned: Criminal Origins

Danganronpa V3

This is an especially peculiar banning given that it occurred long after the game had actually been released.

Both Condemned games are incredibly violent and intense psychological horror titles in which the player attempts to melee their way to safety while being pursued by murderous psychopaths.

On the eve of its 2008 release, the sequel Condemned 2: Bloodshot was indexed by Germany's Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons, resulting in the game eventually being banned several months later.

Far more bizarrely, the original Condemned had been banned a mere two months earlier under a "representation of violence" statute, despite having been commercially available for over two years at the time of its banning.

The game was banned due to its "cruel or otherwise inhuman acts of violence against human beings in a manner which expresses a glorification," and the statute's claim that it "injure[s] human dignity."

Over a decade later, both Condemned games are still officially banned in Germany, ultimately just confirming how nerve-shreddingly authentic their seedy, makes-you-want-to-shower nihilism truly was.

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