10 Horror Video Games BANNED For Being Too Scary

6. Any Games Featuring Blood Or Corpses (In China)

Danganronpa V3

Last year, the Chinese government made the landmark ruling that they would no longer be releasing games featured corpses or blood of any kind - not even if the blood was re-coloured green, as has been a common tactic for skirting censors worldwide.

This is in addition to also banning the sale of Mahjong and Poker games, as well as titles that explore China's "complicated" political history. Apparently confronting their own cultural past was just as scary as, well, zombies and dead bodies.

It's ultimately not dissimilar to China's film censorship body refusing to classify movies with an overpowering supernatural or occult theme, speaking to a greater superstition in the country regarding death and ghosts in particular.

Even so, outright banning the presence of blood in video games, something every single living person on the planet possesses a fair few pints of, is flatly ridiculous.

Unsurprisingly, many games have opted to release censored or altered versions in China, because the market is simply too large to ignore.

Still, for many games firmly rooted in death and violence, it would be impossible to cut things without severely compromising the end result.

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