10 Horror Video Games To Binge Play On Halloween

Who said Halloween was best supplemented by scary movies?

until dawn

Remember the first time you watched Ju-On/The Grudge, alone in the dark with the echoes of that unnerving throaty sound keeping you up with the lights on (or was it just me)?

Like no other genre, horror movies have the ability to demand your attention and hold it there, but allow me to make a suggestion: How about letting your copies of The Exorcist and The Shining gather dust for one more year, and play through some horror games instead?

See, like a safety net, you can always push the pause button if things get too scary in a movie (unless you're strapping yourself into a cinema seat), but in video games, that dark, foreboding room won't explore itself until you make it happen.

A few of the games on this list will require more than one sitting to play through (or at least, most of the day), but many can be beaten in just a few short hours... providing you have the stomach for all the jump-scares within.


10. Resident Evil 4

Resident evil 4

Considered to be one of the greatest survival horror games of all time, Resident Evil 4 is actually the sixth game in the series.

Fair warning to fans of the Resident Evil films starring Milla Jovovich, though: Don't expect to spend the game mowing down hordes of the undead. This game is as challenging as it is intense. The story follows a government agent named Leon S. Kennedy, as he attempts to rescue the president's daughter from a mind controlling cult in the remote reaches of Spain.

Players will most likely find themselves wishing Leon's pistol was as well equipped at taking out zombies as his mouth is at dropping one liners, but nevertheless, RE4 is worth your time for the opening village level alone.


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