10 Horror Video Games You Forgot Existed

The Suffering F.T.W.

the suffering

Horror remains one of gaming's staple genres, with multiple enormous titles and franchises springing up over the years, such as the incredibly popular long-running survival horror series Resident Evil and the unfortunately cancelled Silent Hill games.

The excellent, visceral Dead Space took the genre to the stars and was recently confirmed to be receiving a full remake for the next generation of gaming. Horror has even transcended into the multiplayer space with Dead By Daylight and Phasmophobia captivating players and audiences alike.

Whilst many of these popular franchises still receive new entries to this day, plenty have fallen to the wayside through being cancelled or just being simply forgotten. Whether it is due to poor sales, releasing alongside a much bigger title or a scathing critic reception, most of these unfortunate properties have not seen the light of day for many years.

Even though these games fell off the radar, they often implemented innovative gameplay mechanics which have gone on to influence the genre or gaming as a whole. Sadly though, to this day, plenty of horror titles don't receive the recognition they deserve.

10. Nightmare Creatures

the suffering

Nightmare Creatures is a gothic survival horror game set in 1930's London where you play as either a priest named Ignatius or a young woman called Nadia.

An ancient devil worshipping cult has unleashed a plague of horrifying creatures upon the city by a mad scientist cult member, Adam Crowley. Ignatius and Nadia set out to find Crowley, battling monsters along the way with firearms, explosives and magic spells although the game mostly utilises melee combat.

Ignatius is the stronger of the two playable characters although Nadia is significantly quicker, with both protagonists having unique combos, blocks and abilities. Nightmare Creatures also features an adrenaline meter which depletes outside of combat and causes you to drain health since adrenaline staves off a virus that the characters are infected with as a result of Crowley's experiments.

This game does not just feature combat and exploration, it also features extensive platforming sections where you must jump across water that kills you instantly should you fall in. The combat is notoriously difficult as you battle through zombies, werewolves, demons, gargoyles and much more.

Nightmare creatures released just after classic early 3D PlayStation titles such as Resident Evil and Tomb Raider and unfortunately isn't remembered as fondly by many.


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