10 Horror Video Games You Forgot Existed

9. Haunting Ground

the suffering

Strap in folks, this one is rough. Haunting Ground was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2005 as a spiritual successor to the Clock Tower series where you play as a teenage girl named Fiona who finds herself trapped in a creepy castle full of horrific entities with mortifying motives.

After a car crash, Fiona awakens in a castle dungeon and partners up with a canine companion called Hewie. You are repeatedly faced with various enemy pursuers who will try to capture, kill or assault her in many disturbing ways.

When Fiona becomes panicked, she will actually run away on her own, causing you to lose control of the character and this amps up the horror as you helplessly witness the teenager attempt to escape unaided.

Fiona is objectified quite heavily in Haunting Ground, causing the game to be quite controversial upon release although the developers argued this adds to the terror by making the player feel vulnerable and exposed. One ending actually features the protagonist being captured and impregnated against her will, which is incredibly disturbing.

Releasing in the same timeframe as Resident Evil 4 and receiving a lack of marketing, Haunting Ground did not sell well and has been forgotten by many.


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