10 Most Hotly Anticipated Video Games Of 2015

It's going to be one hell of a year.

There's nothing quite like learning from your mistakes to right some wrongs of the past. And when it's an entire industry looking back on the gaping wounds of 2014 and applying sutures like nobodies business, the resultant purpose-driven aftermath should be something gamers remember for decades to come. Chances are unless granny was up for lopping off orc heads on Shadow of Mordor come Xmas morning, there weren't a whole lot of titles worth spreading the word about by year's end. Heading into the new year though, you need only take a quick look at the upcoming slate of games to realise this is where everything snaps back into place. There's a great many titles that you might even have forgotten were always scheduled for 2015 too, those forever-shiny gems that ended up getting buried under the swathe of delays and broken launch titles. Last year can remain some off-kilter backfire-sequel to a momentous opening instalment of The New Console Wars that was 2013; a year where indie games came into their own and triple-As like The Last of Us redefined what we thought possible with the medium itself. So, as developers have finally found their footing and are resultantly putting together what'll easily be some of the finest nuggets of entertainment seen in the medium so far, here's to 2015 and everything that comes with it.

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