10 Most Hotly Anticipated Video Games Of 2015

10. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

At some point we should probably take a good hard look at ourselves for enjoying something as ludicrously ultra-violent as Hotline Miami, but until that day comes, it's time to equip the extra thick throwing knives. Put aside the potential for headline-baiting disaster, as Hotline is one of the most ridiculously over-the-top and downright fun titles there's been in years. With gameplay as meticulously tight as it is and shooting that's instantly meaty and viscerally satisfying, the underbelly of 80's Miami-based sleaze that permeates every part of the production makes everything zing like nothing else. For part two, developer Dennaton are simply throwing out more of the same. There are more characters to play as, more weapons and levels to blast through, some brand new special moves like the double-kill seen above, and more of that quintessentially cool-as-Sub-Zero's-fridge soundtrack. It's going to be incredible.
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