10 Hottest Video Game Movies Currently In Production - Ranked

Lara Croft, Sam Fisher, and Pikachu are heading to the big screen near you.

Assassins Creed

Movies based on video games don't exactly have the greatest reputations. From even the not entirely critically hated Resident Evil or Prince of Persia or Street Fighter, movies based on games consistently disappoint. For some reason they fail to capture the tone of their source material and translate it into a cohesive cinematic narrative.

But of course there is money to be made in capitalizing on popular video game franchises, and after all of this time it finally seems like studios are attempting to bridge the gap by involving the publishers and developers responsible for making these games. The upcoming Assassin's Creed film, starring Michael Fassbender, is the first of these co-productions and it has a very real chance to be the first great video game movie. Fingers crossed anyway.

But even beyond that release, there are actually quite a few video game movies slated for release in the coming years. While many of them are expected, some of them are quite surprising; having been quietly announced to little fanfare to the point where you might not even know they're in production. But they're no less worthy of note...


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