10 Huge Video Games Still To Come In 2019

9. Need For Speed Heat


No game series screams racing like Need For Speed, and that looks set to continue for the game's 25th anniversary this year.

After the unremarkable release that was Need For Speed Payback, it's really time for the series to get back into the limelight and return to being one of the top racing franchises.

Day-night cycles are out, speedcards are out and Ferrari is back in. What's better than that?

One thing Heat has in spades is style. Having the Miami-inspired backdrop really sets the game apart from others in the series, and makes it much more enticing to play. The open-world is half the fun after all.

As long as the racing holds up to other recent hits like Forza Horizon 4, then we see no reason why this can't be one of the funner games of the year.

As a bonus (can't believe this is a positive thing now), Heat also has no microtransactions or lootboxes! A small victory, but a victory nonetheless.


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