10 Hugely Beloved PlayStation Franchises Sony Must Bring Back

Winning the console war is only a giant Colossus and a reanimated skeleton away.

Who will win the console war? It's a tough question, and the first selection of next-generation games hasn't made it much clearer either.

Simply making the games fans want you to put out seems like it would be surefire way to get people to buy your new hardware - but instead Sony keep announcing underwhelming titles for PS4 exclusivity, the great franchises from their past sitting dormant.

Some reboots have already been announced - a God Of War sequel is in development for one and Timesplitters Rewind keeps cropping up in conversation - but there are a host of other games Sony should resurrect, rejuvenate, or sequelise to gain the upper hand over Microsoft as soon as possible. The older consoles had many exclusive titles which were fun and popular, and now's the time to bolster the roster and give them another chance to shine all over again.

The processing power of the PS4 means that ambitious new games are in development to test its limits, and that€™s great. But what could such a mighty computer do with games that were brilliant even despite the limited technology of older consoles?

Even the announcement of a continuation to these franchises would convince many people to go out and buy a PS4. The following may not only be huge sellers on the level of Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed right away, but they all have the potential to be the defining games of Sony€™s next-generation consoles through their fanbases alone.


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