10 Hugely Influential Video Games (That Made Everything Worse)

8. Resident Evil 4 - Interactive Escort Missions

Uncharted 2

Escort missions are just the worst, aren't they?

I have enough trouble looking after myself in a game, let alone being responsible for the safety of others.

So when Resident Evil 4 forced us to engage in when Ashley should move or not, that was just grating. I don't want to micromanage when she should hide in a bin or not: take it as read, if I'm shooting something you should be hidden.

But apparently Capcom didn't get the memo, as their next zombie title, Dead Rising has just the worst escort system going. Honestly, I still hear "Follow me!" in my nightmares.

Any time a game forces escort missions on you, yet gives the characters independence, it reminds me of Natalya in GoldenEye. Ol' bullet-seeking Natalya.

Resident Evil 4 gets all the praise for the right reasons, but it will have a little red cross by it for popularising the interactive escort mechanic again.

Then there was Dead Island, Metal Gear Solid 3, even the Fallout games have their moments.

Please, please stop making me look after other people.


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