10 Iconic Video Game Features Needlessly Cut Out Of Sequels

The reason 343's Halo games haven't felt right? Dual-wielding.

Halo Dual Wield

Creating a great video game that's a hit with fans and critics alike is nigh-on impossible, but crafting a sequel that lives up to expectations is somehow even more difficult.

While, yeah, the groundwork has already been completed, the push and pull between innovating and addressing problems - while at the same time being aware of not straying too far from what people enjoyed so much in the first place - can lead to sequels either playing it too safe, or tinkering with features that were totally fine in the first place.

In the most extreme cases, developers might not even totally understand why a feature resonated with players in the first place, viewing it as something that "wouldn't be missed" if it ended up on the cutting room floor going forward.

Consequently, whether it's down to a simple, misjudged creative decision on the studio's part, or a mandate which clearly came from a publisher after a focus test in an effort to attract more players, there are some beloved parts of games that were pointlessly discarded between sequels.

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