10 Iconic Video Game Mascots That Don't Matter Anymore

These were once our biggest heroes, but now they're stuck in the past.

Halo Master Chief Dead

The world of video games is relentless.

Gaming is more popular than ever, and it's become near impossible to keep up to date with every brand new release and console - especially with the ever slow increase of price.

But it's not only consumers that can fall behind, but also video game mascots of the biggest franchises. Trends rise and fall, and so do popular game series. Many heroes were once celebrated for their powerful status in the gaming world, but now too many have fallen victim to either the passage of time or ill-received sequels.

Certain characters such as Mario, Link and Pac-Man are forever immortalised in gaming culture, and will always remain relevant.

Classic protagonists such as Kratos and Cloud Strife have found a way to breathe new life and make a fresh return. And huge franchises such as Call of Duty continue to dominate the sales charts and will always be successful.

However, not all video game icons can afford that luxury. Some characters are slowly phased out in latter games, or certain titles fail to meet expectations, ultimately killing the franchise and its protagonist for good.

10. Sam Fisher

Halo Master Chief Dead

For being one of Ubisoft’s most popular and successful franchises, and Sam Fisher being one of their biggest mascots, it's strange to think that we have not received a full Splinter Cell game since 2013.

It's more unusual when you consider that Ubisoft released six main Splinter Cell games in eleven years from the original in 2002 to Blacklist in 2013. Bizarrely, Sam Fisher has skipped an entire generation of video game consoles.

Splinter Cell helped redefine the stealth genre as it brilliantly made use of contrasting light and dark environments that allow the player to creatively hide while utilising night vision technology.

Despite Splinter Cell's hibernation, Ubisoft are well aware of Sam Fisher’s status. Sam Fisher has been included in the popular shooter Rainbow Six: Siege, but this is not enough to satisfy fans of the beloved mascot.

Fisher is one of the best secret agents in the world of video games, and his lingering absence is unfortunate. He risks becoming a forgotten hero and Sam's persona is quickly falling short of remaining relevant. A new Splinter Cell game would be universally welcomed.

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