10 Iconic Video Game Scores That'll Give You Goosebumps

"Halo? Is it me you're looking for?"


Leo Tolstoy once said that "Music is the shorthand of emotion"; a beautiful line, and even more poignant considering he never got to play Tetris on Game Boy or Freedom Fighters on PS2.

Music truly makes us feel. Think about it - how much of your Star Wars experience is linked to John Williams' legendary score? Is it The Shire itself which brings a tear to your eye every single time you watch Fellowship of the Ring, or Howard Shore's stunning, beautiful 'Concerning Hobbits' theme? (Okay, it's definitely both on that front...) .

Games are no different in this respect. Gorgeous graphics and heart-stopping gameplay are great, but what REALLY sells a world is the soundtrack.

A truly great video game score will subtly nudge the player toward exhilaration, fear, serenity, or reduce them to tears without the hapless soul even realising they are being - ironically - played like a meat and bone Ocarina.

So, here are 10 iconic video game scores that'll give you goosebumps, and while some entries group together entire franchises, there are some titles which stand so far apart from the other entries in their franchise that they have earned a place in their own right.

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