10 Iconic Video Game Weapons (That Actually Suck)

Halo's assault rifle is one of the worst weapons in the Xbox franchise.

Halo Assault Rifle

For so many video game titles in the industry, items and weapons are absolutely at the centre of gameplay and functionality. Not only are they instrumental for a player and how they develop their own style, but a range of interesting and viable weaponry can be both a powerful way of keeping things feeling fresh in game, as well as being an opportunity to hammer home an effective marketing campaign.

The history of the industry is absolutely littered with examples of items and weapons that have become successful faces of their respective franchises. From the Power Flowers in Super Mario, Gravity Guns in Half-Life, to the Hidden Blades in Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series, all of these successful weapons are naturally recognisable, but they're also exceptionally useful and fun for a player to use.

However, sometimes this isn't the case, and even the most iconic of weapons in a series can manage to find themselves as either unoriginal in their designs and styles, or so underpowered compared to what's around them that they're hardly ever worth picking up. Here are ten of the most iconic video games that actually suck.

10. The Batmobile - Arkham Knight

Halo Assault Rifle
Warner Bros.

The Batmobile is probably the most famous vehicle from the comic book world, and has followed The Dark Knight around in pretty much all of his adventures around Gotham, be it on the paper of a comic or the screens in films or video games.

No video game in the Batman universe have managed to reach the level of acclaim of Rocksteady Studios' Arkham series, however fans would have to wait until the fourth instalment, Arkham Knight, for the Batmobile to become an iconic weapon for Bats to call upon.

And one look at any of the covers or promotional material will give a good insight into just how prevalent the vehicle is in the game. The Batmobile is used in Arkham Knight to maraude around Gotham City and is essentially an indestructible tank that enemies will either flee away from, or cluster around and simply wait to be swept aside by any one of the vehicle's options and features.

Seeing this iconic piece of Batman lore being turned into a glorified tank goes against a lot of the stealth-based detective features that the Arkham series had built its success off, but what really makes the Batmobile suck so much is just how unavoidable it is in a playthrough of the game.

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