10 Iconic Video Games Banned For Ridiculous Reasons

9. EA Sports MMA - Denmark - Energy Drinks??

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Sports are a pretty ubiquitous thing across the planet and you’d be hard pressed to find many that are going to ruffle feathers. Sure, some are more contact heavy than others but there’s a big difference between boxing games and the outright brutality of something like Manhunt that stirred pots internationally.

There could be an argument made for EA Sports’ MMA games for being violent and promoting bare-knuckle fighting but that's not the reason that the highly anticipated first title for the rather young combat sport found itself banned in Denmark.

The only noticeable example of a banned game in the country, the title instead found itself on the chopping block for including references to energy drinks. Denmark has always been worried about the unknown long-term effects of taurine and, at one stage, banned such beverages outright. Whilst you can purchase them now, think of them like cigarettes: tucked away and certainly not advertised.

Sponsorship deals are an inescapable part of real-world MMA so it’s a big part of the video game too. Thus, Rockstar Energy logos are found all over the place. Rather than simply remove them, EA decided not to bother releasing the game in Denmark at all.

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