10 Iconic Video Games Banned For Ridiculous Reasons

8. Roblox - United Arab Emirates - Text Chat

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One of the most successful online multiplayer games of today, Roblox has a long history of fostering creativity. Rather than a single game, the title hosts endless bright ideas crafted and played by its millions of users. With its happy and bright look and free-to-play availability, the title has been a smash hit with young gamers getting into the hobby for the first time.

Despite all this, the United Arab Emirates decided that Roblox was in fact a detriment to the children of its nation. In 2018, Attorney-General Dr Hamad Saif Al Shamsi placed a ban on the game for being damaging to the mental health of young UAE citizens. Specifically, it appears that the game’s text chat was what really put the nail in its coffin as it opened children up to all kinds of unexpected interaction.

Admittedly, this has been a source of controversy the world over and the UAE censors decided just to wash their hands of it.

Naturally, the Roblox community wasn’t best pleased and campaigned long and hard for an overturn of the ban. Arguments were made at how its broad creativity had positives that far outweighed the negatives of its chat box. Whilst the game definitely still has its issues with sordid players slipping sexual content into this children’s game, UAE finally lifted the ban in 2021.

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