10 Iconic Video Games That NEED A Remake

Give Dino Crisis the Resident Evil 2 treatment, or give me death.

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When quizzed about breathing new life into old titles, developers like to suck their teeth, squirm in their chairs and tell us it's just not really as simple as that. Technology and building techniques have come on so much in recent years that a lot of classic games simply wouldn't translate to modern consoles or appeal to modern gamers, y'see.

Quick question before we get started though; have you played the Resident Evil 2 remake yet?

Good, of course you have! It's great isn't it? Feeling simultaneously like a fresh title but retaining all the story points, technical beats and overall 'vibe' of the original. Effectively illustrating that, in actual fact, video games haven't morphed into some unrecognisable new art form over the last two decades, and what worked in the 90s and 00s works just as well now.

Only... better.

So if it's that simple (and, well, it obviously is) then there's a whole host of games once considered "a bit ahead of their time tbh" that are ripe for redevelopment, just this time on consoles that can fully realise their initial ambition. We could be sitting on the precipice of the era of the remake, so let's see what titles it should comprise.

Disclaimer: Not including Conker's Bad Fur Day because everyone always says Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker's Bad Fury Day doesn't need a remake. Anyway, on we go.

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