10 Iconic Video Games That NEED A Remake

10. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2

Knights of the Old Republic

Given how universally adored and acclaimed it is now, it's very easy to forget that the initial reaction to Knights of the Old Republic 2 was lukewarm, initially. It's largely seen as the superior of the two games in the present, but for the first few years at least the consensus was that Obsidian hadn't managed to reach the bar Bioware had set with the original.

Looking at it now the game's ambition was clearly way in excess of the finished article, and it's obvious that a lot of what they tried to do here was either not feasible under the logistical and technological constraints they were working under. Some parts feel hastily thrown together, while others feel borderline unfinished.

As is quite often the case, the game's fans have worked hard to remedy these issues, releasing a slew of unofficial patches in the many years since. These are great - and if you're a fan of the game well worth getting your hands on for a retrospective play-through - but they're still not what the game *could* be. The audience is there, the technology is there, and the Star Wars community is crying out for the franchise's first great game in years. This could be the remake they're looking for.

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