10 Iconic Video Games That NEED A Remake

9. Silent Hill

Silent Hill

What's that? Man on the internet saying 'Silent Hill Is Actually Good' and wants to lobby for a modern remake of it? Bet you weren't expecting to have your world rocked this hard when you woke up this morning.

Regardless though, Silent Hill is actually good and we should all be lobbying for a modern remake because despite many, many, many efforts to try and cash in on its vibe, few ever have. Much like Resident Evil, Silent Hill's particular sub-genre is entirely polluted by poor imitations that have gradually dulled the brilliance of the original. But, dive in for a retro playthrough now, and there's still an era-defining experience there, just one hamstrung by it's technical limitations. This precisely why you remake any game, never mind Silent Hill.

You get rid of the painful loading times and the jarring camera changes and the areas of the game that exist for the sake of existing, but you keep everything else. The monsters, the fog, the overall other-ness of it. A Silent Hill remake is basically the game every survival-horror has been trying to be since.

Oh, and I'll just address Shattered Memories quickly. Yes, it's good. No, it's not a remake.

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