10 Iconic Video Games With Hidden Messages You Totally Missed

9. Headcrab Wails Decoded - Half-Life 2

Batman Arkham city

While we wait – and wait, and wait – for Half-Life 3 to come around, fans are still finding nuggets buried away in the original games. Valve put a lot of thought and playtesting into their games, refining everything down to its core elements.

Even the enemies have a lot of thought put into them, making them feel like real creatures instead of bullet sponges. The famous headcrab zombies from the original return in Half-Life 2, with the Ravenholm segment – which is overrun with them – quickly became the most iconic level of the series.

Valve also added a disturbing detail to them that’s real easy to miss.

The zombies have a signature wail that hints at the humanity beneath, but if the audio of this yell is reversed, phrases like “Dear god help” and “Help me!” can clearly be heard, confirming the poor souls are aware of what’s happening to them, even as you bludgeon them with a crowbar.

Damn Valve, that’s messed up.


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