10 Important Video Game Cutscenes You Totally Missed

Secret Video Game Cutscenes With Hidden Endings And Character Moments!

Naughty Dog

Cinematic sequences have been staples in video games for decades, with countless scenes being produced by developers as a means of moving on a game's plot, fleshing out characters or simply showcasing a system's hardware and how flashy a game looks or runs.

And whilst there are plenty of examples where they have gone onto become the epitome of everything wrong with a game (see Sonic the Hedgehog and *that* kiss), cutscenes are generally some of the most enjoyed parts of games.

They're often a nice reward for getting past a level, reveal a lot of a story's developments and are now written and presented in ways more akin to big Hollywood blockbusters rather than simple add-ons to keep a game rolling.

But whilst every gamer out there can instantly name their favourite cutscenes from the titles they've played, there are more than a few important sequences out there that they might missed so far.

Whether it be alternate endings, hidden lore, further developments or a powerful reminder of what's at stake for a player, here are ten important video game cutscenes players totally missed out on in the past.

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