10 Important Video Game Plot Points That Were Abandoned

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The storytelling process is an ongoing one and so at times, there will be ideas that are suddenly dropped - and video games are not an exception. This may happen when the writers decide to go a different route with a given story, while in other cases there could a change in creative direction - resulting in some plot threads being abandoned.

This has left video game fans wondering how these story arcs would have turned out had they been kept in the game or in a sequel. While some abandoned narratives and sub-plots were done for the better, others remain tantalising "what-ifs?" whether or not they would have worked in the first place.

With that in mind, here are the 10 important video game plot points that were abandoned and left in the dust. As these are connected to each respective game's story, be warned that spoilers will follow.

10. Resident Evil: Gaiden - Fake Leon

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The 2002 portable game Resident Evil: Gaiden stars Leon S. Kennedy and Barry Burton, who team up to stop a shapeshifting Bio Organic Weapon (B.O.W.) on an ocean cruiser.

Yet despite two fan favorites working together for the first time, Resident Evil: Gaiden has been forgotten throughout the years with a plot point that has been disregarded by future games.

One of the primary antagonists, an escaped, shapeshifting B.O.W., has green blood, which is used to set up the game's ending. After Leon, Barry, and newcomer Lucia survive the horror, we then witness a close-up of Kennedy bleeding green blood, implying that the B.O.W. managed to kill our hero and replace him.

The idea of killing off Leon S. Kennedy was and is still considered heresy for longtime Resident Evil fans but Gaiden's ending was actually supposed to lead to an early version of Resident Evil 4. In this version, the real Leon would have encountered his monstrous doppelgänger, but this was scrapped due to the numerous story revisions.

Because of this, the fake Leon has never returned in any game and the events of Gaiden are considered non-canon.

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