10 Incredible Bosses In Terrible Video Games

Shine bright like a Mirror Knight.

dark souls 2

There are moments in games where, after a massive build up, the culminating boss fight is absolutely weak. Remember the Electrocutioner fight in Batman: Arkham Origins? All mouth and a glass jaw.

Big laughs, disappointment immeasurable.

Yet what about when it's the other way around? A terrible game, so bad that it comes up often enough in lists like this, that has a diamond in its roughness.

Fights that seem so out of place that they somehow... shine. Like a wrestling match against a mountain, with a protagonist who spends most of his time lurking in shadows. Or in a game that sullies the franchise it came from, that's so unspeakably bad, yet has an awesome showdown battle in it.

Or how about a cybernetically enhanced dinosaur, for example? On paper, it sounds generic. Yet in the game that it's in, it shines a light on an otherwise execrable experience.

Don't go getting your hopes up that these upcoming games are somehow deceptively amazing, though. They're really, really not.

One boss fight isn't going to change that tide.

For now though, let's just look at ten incredible boss fights that, for all their differing types, make a terrible game just that slightly less terrible.

But only marginally.

10. NeverDead - Sangria

dark souls 2

NeverDead could have been so much more. The protagonist is immortal, with limbs that detach like a crash test dummy. But more so, can be reattached in wacky ways. Rolling around as a head with two arms attached, firing guns sounds cool, right? It should be, but it isn't.

Nothing about NeverDead really merits replayability, or even a first playthrough for the curious. A neat idea terribly executed, even the majority of its boss fights are boring. Except for one...


Not the fruity drink, but the fruity jester that Bryce has to take on later in the game. It's a standard boss fight against a nimble boss, but it's definitely entertaining.

Channeling Capcom's Dead Rising series, Sangria will hurl abuse and taunts, disappear out of line of sight, throw things and tackle Boltzmann to the point of him exploding into limbs.

It can get frustrating, as you carefully put Bryce back together only to be popped again, but it's part of the charm. It's a challenge in an otherwise uneventful and bland game, that someone as strange looking as Sangria is the standout point.

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