10 Incredible-Looking Video Game Bosses (That Sucked To Fight)

Talk about a letdown.

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The video game industry has changed drastically over the years, thanks to advances in online capabilities, motion controls, and VR. However, bosses have been a consistent staple in the industry ever since 1975's dnd. (Yep, video game bosses really are that old.)

Even though these adversaries can be infuriating, it's understandable why they play an integral part of gaming. Bosses are tailored to put up one hell of a fight, making it all the more satisfying after the player topples a tyrant, slays a dragon, or kills a god.

But there are times where so much effort is put into the boss' design and presentation, the creators neglect to work on... the boss part. There's nothing worse than readying for an epic battle, only to vanquish the screen-filling opponent with one hit. Even if the encounter provides a hefty challenge, it's not enjoyable if the antagonist relies on cheap and lazy tactics. And if the bout is an absolute slog, gamers will be bored to tears from start to finish.

These ten bosses may have looked badass, but the confrontation itself was a total letdown.

10. Alduin - The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

batman arkham asylum killer croc

Ten minutes into Skyrim, the player comes face-to-face with the mightiest of dragons, Alduin. The towering wyvern makes an immediate impression, as he burns everything in his vicinity to ash.

Throughout our hero's adventure, they're constantly reminded of the threat Alduin poses. This entity isn no ordinary dragon. He is The Bane of Kings, The Eater of Worlds, the former ruler of Skyrim, and a god that can defy death. (Also, he can time-travel.) After being built up for over 40 hours, it felt like the showdown with Alduin couldn't live up to expectations.

Sadly, that's exactly what happened.

This late in the game, the protagonist will be staggeringly overpowered, allowing them to annihilate Alduin with very little effort. Annoyingly, the final skirmish is a walk in the park, even if the player doesn't take major precautions (counter-spells, healing spells, poisoning weapons, etc.).

But the battle isn't just easy, but painfully generic. There's nothing distinctive about Alduin's plan of attack that makes him stand out from other dragon battles. Skyrim has deluge of memorable moments, but the final boss isn't one of them.


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