10 Incredible-Looking Video Game Bosses (That Sucked To Fight)

9. Helis - Horizon Zero Dawn

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Although Hades is the final boss of Horizon Zero Dawn, Helis feels like the primary antagonist, since he's hindered Aloy's mission more than anyone. Because he's been at our heroine's heels every step of the way, the player is eager to face the devious despot in one-on-one combat. And considering Horizon Zero Dawn's cyberbeast boss fights are astoundingly innovative, gamers were certain the battle with the Eclipse leader would be a showstopper.

Sadly, Aloy's bout with Helis is insultingly dull. Rather than relying on a doomsday weapon or a creative combat technique, Helis wails on Aloy with basic melee attacks. Save for his huge health bar, there's little to differentiate Helis him from a regular enemy.

What's worse is the fight itself is way too long. Helis receives reduced damage from explosions and is immune to silent strikes and critical hits, purely to drag out this mundane brawl as long as possible.

Because the player hates Helis' guts, they should be looking forward to tearing him a new one. But due to his overly simple combat mechanics, the whole experience is lacklustre.


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