10 INCREDIBLE Parts Of Video Games You Can Easily Miss

One wrong turn and you've skipped a whole game.

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One of the most wonderful things about video games is the amount of unique experiences you can have in them. A million people could play the same game, and chances are they'd all have a different special moment to talk about when asked them about what they played.

But this silver lining does carry a cloud. Because games are made to let players have unique experiences, this also means it's quite easy to miss some of them, meaning you can inadvertently sail past some of the most individual and wonderful portions of the entire adventure.

And sometimes this is intentional. As much as certain sections of a game are great, it makes sense that - for the sake of replay value - they're able to be skipped so you don't have to complete longer stretches over and over.

However, this doesn't make it any less frustrating when you realised you've missed a cool level or plot point, and you have to find an old save to access, or fully replay everything to see. You can even accidentally skip entire games this way - although mercifully, it's not something you can do very often.

10. Thames Wharf - Tomb Raider III

Headless Sekiro Thumbnail
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Thames Wharf is undeniably one of the most visually interesting levels in Tomb Raider III, taking you across rooftops of London in some absolutely beautifully lit scenes.

However, it's not exactly a short section of the game, as most playthroughs of this particular area take between fifty minutes to an hour to complete. That is, if you don't just decide to skip the underground section of this part by jumping from one roof to another - you know, like pretty much anyone would presume they were supposed to do.

So there are likely a huge number of people who have played the game - and possibly this section multiple times - but never seen the whole thing. That said, knowing a risky rooftop leap of faith managed to skip half the level is likely to make you just feel a little more badass for having done it, since you now also know you totally weren't supposed to.

Although the underground section is pretty cool, it can be argued it makes a worthy sacrifice in order for your roof-hopping shenanigans to seem just that bit cooler.


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