10 INCREDIBLE Parts Of Video Games You Can Easily Miss

9. Pumptris Quattro - Pump It Up

Headless Sekiro Thumbnail

Pump It Up is one of many games that provides some Dance Dance Revolution-esque entertainment.

However, it works on a different set of rules, that means that some more difficult songs - like the hilariously named Pumptris Quattro.

As the game doesn't penalise you for pressing buttons early, you can actually "press all the buttons early" by putting your limbs (and butt) on all the various floor panels so that you are technically pressing everything at once.

And so what could have otherwise been a challenging trial of your co-ordination and ability to groove becomes a test of whether you sit down for roughly two minutes and thirteen seconds.

Admittedly, this does require you to sacrifice a bit of your dignity, as you are forced to accept that your chances of victory are so low that you're willing to press your face into the cool metal of the machine in order to try and get some kind of a win. Also, you'll likely have to do this in public, which might suck a little bit more.

But hey, you're still a winner in our eyes.


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