10 INCREDIBLE Video Game Dream Teams

Master Chief and Doom Slayer HAS to happen.

Doom Guy Master Chief

In the world of popular entertainment, nothing gets people more excited than a crossover. From the sheer epic scale of an Avengers or Justice League films to the simple sight of two or more popular people hanging out for a nice cup of coffee.

And in the amazing business of creating video games, crossovers are everything. Whether inside a fighting game like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat or even in entire games like Kingdom Hearts or Super Smash Brothers that revolve around crossovers, there are plenty of video games that can show fans how the impossible can indeed become very possible.

But while there have been dozens of times that popular video games have crossed each other's paths. Even in the smallest of easter egg references, there are plenty of character team-ups that would shake the very foundations of their respective fandoms if ever they happened to meet in any type of video game.

Here are but a few of the most interesting video game team-ups that most likely will never happen - except inside the hearts of fan-fiction writers around the world.

10. Cole Phelps (LA Noire) And Connor (Detroit: Become Human)

Doom Guy Master Chief

Crime-solving in video games has always been one of the most entertaining and challenging genres to make and enjoy. And who better to call than Cole Phelps from the acclaimed and horrifically underrated LA Noire and Connor from David Cage's cinematic neo-thriller hit, Detroit: Become Human.

At first, it may seem that these two characters couldn't be further from each other. Cole Phelps is a world war two veteran solving horrific crimes in the mid-'50s. Connor is an android from the distant future programmed to assist human police officers in crimes committed by androids.

But upon further inspection, it's actually surprising just how similar the two are. They both are highly skilled detectives that are able to take a jumbled jigsaw puzzle of a case and assemble the pieces correctly. They both try to be good men and even better detectives. And both end up discovering conspiracies larger than they could ever have imagined.

Whatever trials the dynamic duo would face, with Connor's ability to scan an area and uncover even the tiniest of clues, and Cole Phelp's impressive interrogation skills, there wouldn't be any crime on Earth they could not solve together.

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