10 Incredible Video Games Released On Terrible Consoles

They deserved better.

Mario wii u

We're fortunate enough to live in a rather harmonious gaming era right now, where Sony and Nintendo have been killing it with the PS4 and the Switch, while Microsoft is looking to shake up the industry with their revolutionary work on Xbox Game Pass.

But as the history of gaming has proved time and time again, the hardware market is notoriously fickle, as are consumers.

As such, the last three decades of the medium are littered with platforms that arrived on a tidal wave of hype and quickly died a death.

A console dying is one thing, but the unfortunate by-product is that this often results in good games being stranded on dud hardware.

While many brilliant games have been rescued from their exclusive releases on doomed systems through ports, there are sadly still countless classics locked away on consoles you either need to buy from eBay or settle for emulating.

These 10 video games were all released for awful platforms, though despite the hardware's failure, they were terrific experiences that deserved a better fate. To date, however, none of them have been officially ported to other consoles, and it's a crying shame.

And before you ask, no, the Dreamcast will not be appearing on this list, because it's in no way terrible...


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