10 Incredible Video Games Released On Terrible Consoles

10. Virtual Boy Wario Land (Virtual Boy)

Wario Land

Long before the existence of premium VR platforms such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, Nintendo unleashed the monstrosity that was the Virtual Boy, and less than a year after its 1995 debut, the headset had been discontinued.

It got pretty much everything wrong that VR hardware possibly could: it wasn't comfortable and the only thing more rubbish than the graphics was most of the games.

When Nintendo promised a totally new gaming experience, did anyone think they were talking about headaches and nausea?

But not quite everything released for the Virtual Boy was shovelware slop.

Virtual Boy Wario Land did what most other games on the system didn't: it made clever use of the headset's 3D capabilities to give players a unique platforming experience on multiple planes of movement, while not at the expense of more traditional mechanics.

Though it can be comfortably beaten in less than two hours, it's one of the Virtual Boy's few titles made with an actual creative spark rather than simply to cynically shift hardware. Some fans even continue to insist it's one of the best games in the Wario series, so there you go.

Despite seeming ripe for the port treatment, it's still bafflingly left stranded on this prehistoric junk - unless you use one of the many open-source Virtual Boy emulators out there, at least.


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