10 Incredible Video Games That Came From Terrible Movies

10. Alien: Resurrection

alien resurrection
Argonaut Software

There have been a metric BOATLOAD of AvP games, but where Joss Whedon's misguided, messily written Alien: Resurrection is a cult classic for diehard fans at best, its PS1 incarnation is damn-near DOOM 3D with xenomorphs.

A seismically enjoyable shooter on a console not known for landmark FPSs, Resurrection had meaty weapons, acid-popping enemies to tear to shreds, and ahead-of-its-time controls.

Speaking of which, Gamespot hilariously noted in their review, "The game's control setup is its most terrifying element. The left analog stick moves you forward, back, and strafes right and left, while the right analog stick turns you and can be used to look up and down."

I'm guessing that reviewer didn't like the way the genre panned out.

Alien: Resurrection's failure though? Missing the film's launch window and being rebuilt as an FPS, then dropping in 2000, right as screenshots and hype was building for the PlayStation 2.

It just didn't stand a chance, but was always an enjoyable shooter. Plus, exploring the various corridors of the ASM Auriga as a resurrected Ripley with a laser cannon is just about the best sentence you'll read all day.

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