10 Incredibly Accurate Video Game Details

Assassin's Creed nails a time period better than ANYONE.

assassins creed mirage

Game developers have a very unenviable job, as creating good games is nowhere near as fun as it seems. The amount of blood, sweat, and tears that go into making even a small indie title is more than most could handle. As such, it's utterly inspiring when devs bring a level of detail to a product no-one even asked for.

Details in video games can be a double edged sword, as a game lacking them will draw the ire of eagle-eyed players, yet the amount of work that goes into researching and implementing them often goes unnoticed.

Sure, plenty of players will smile when seeing a realistic weather system or an historically accurate animation, but most will gloss over them in mere seconds. Given the thankless nature of this attention to detail, you have to tip your hats to the following games for going above and beyond anyway.

The following ten entries will chronicle some truly inspiring gaming moments that brought realism into the industry. They all deserve to be showered with praise for their stark accuracy, even though they likely went over most gamers' heads.

Bravo devs. Bravo!

10. Thermal Sight Doesn’t Work When Looking Through A Window (Call Of Duty: Warzone)

assassins creed mirage

Call of Duty is a franchise known for its tight shooting, fun campaigns (if you ignore the early Modern Warfare III Remaster reviews, yikes!), and its ability to make kids think they could handle a real battlefield - spoiler alert, it wouldn't be anywhere near as fun.

One way the franchise achieves its high level of immersion is through the attention to detail put into its weapon arsenal. COD: Modern Warfare (Warzone) has a shinning example of this, as one gun attachment displays a realistic detail many weren't aware of.

In the game you can use a Thermal Hybrid scope to help pick off enemies with heat imaging. However, if you try to look through a window, you'll notice the sight is completely gone. Is this some sort of bug? No, it's an accurate representation of thermal sights.

Heat imaging is an impressive technology, but it doesn't work through glass. Including this in the game was a clever way to keep things real and teach players about the limitations of modern weaponry.


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