10 Incredibly Accurate Video Game Details

9. The Toilet Seat (Prey)

assassins creed mirage

Okay, it's time to talk toilets!

There's an age old debate regarding toilet seats that has raged since the stone ages, or at least since modern toilets became widespread. Seat up or seat down? Those who pee standing and those who sit have vastly different views on the matter, often leading to frustration, arguments, and even breakups.

Weirdly, the video game Prey takes this long-lasting discussion into account, as your choice of avatar has an impact on whether your seat is up or down.

The game allows you to play as either a male or female version of the protagonist, with your choice having a minor impact on the environment. If you pick the female option, the toilet seat in your apartment will be down, but if you pick the male one, it will be up.

This is a detail that hardly anyone will put serious thought into. Still, it adds an amusing tidbit for those who find it.


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