10 Incredibly Easy Video Game Achievements That Players DIDN'T Get

From drinking sodas to becoming a wizard.

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Aside from in notoriously hard games, getting the easiest or earliest achievements in a game is generally supposed to be quite straightforward.

There's a time and a place for trophies you need to go through hell and high waters for, and it's not at the very start of your adventure - especially when it's usually commonplace to get an achievement for taking your first steps in a game.

However, sometimes even the easiest achievements in a game aren't gotten by players, for whatever reason - as can be easily found when checking the stats online.

Be it because people played the multiplayer mode but not the single player, that folks didn't fancy finishing the start of the game, or just didn't think to do whatever netted them that achievement, there are a surprising amount of "simple" trophies many never got.

Which is kind of nice, in a way, because it shows just how individualised two player's experiences of the same game can be - playing the exact same thing and getting wildly, wildly different results out of it. So don't worry if you've never gotten every little trophy in a game: just doing what you do still sets you apart from many.

10. Happy Birthday - Heavy Rain

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Quantic Dream

Heavy Rain is undeniably a real stepping stone in terms of story-focused games the likes of which Telltale would go on to create - even if it isn't perfect by any means, and we all shout "JASON" sarcastically in our heads the minute we think of it.

However, crucially, it's also basically a film, albeit a film that you can choose routes through and save at your leisure. This likely goes a way to explain why the trophy you get for finishing the prologue of the game - which takes around ten to fifteen minutes tops - is only achieved by forty percent of players on the PS3, and twenty-eight percent of players on the PS4.

Now, there are a lot of reasons this could be, but it's also worth addressing one that might be easily forgotten about: Heavy Rain is the exact kind of game you would buy for your friend when you're not sure what to get them.

It's also the exact kind of game that a friend would load once out of good faith, realise they couldn't be bothered with, and then leave to gather dust forever.

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