10 Infamously Banned Games From Around The World

9. The Guy Game €“ USA

The Guy Game The developers at Top Heavy Studios must have thought they were onto a winner with this title aimed at the horned up masses of male gamers like you with their release of trivia based The Guy Game. The footage was shot during the much-lauded and entirely over-the-top sex fest of the American Spring Break celebrations on South Padre Island, Texas. The host of this loutish lad title, Matt Sadler (I have never heard of him either) would ask a bikini clad lady a question, which leads to the video footage becoming paused and the player having to guess if the young lady got the answer correct. Loaded with over 1000 questions that were spread out over twenty on disc episodes, the girls took pleasure in whipping their cans out in appreciation of the smarts you've shown that caused the "Flash-O-Meter" to rise between soft and squishy to "Full On Stiff". This must have been a potential dream purchase for teenage boys still stifled with a 56K dial up connection and an over intrusive parent, but the glory of the title (which IGN hastily rewarded with a 7.7, sponsored by Kleenex) was drowned out by the controversy that followed. One of the girls featured in the game who agreeably flashed her goodie buns brought a lawsuit forward claiming she was only 17 at the time she was filmed, which is illegal in any state in USA. This caused the game to be officially banned from sale, but laughably could still be found on store shelves. Top Heavy Studios eventually closed its doors for good, but managed to put a DVD of unedited footage for sale through their website for a short time, which could probably still be found on eBay if you've instantly become a fan after reading this.
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