10 Infuriatingly Overpowered Video Game Enemies

9. Brutes - Batman: Arkham Knight

Dragon Age Inquisition Bears

Arkham Knight's combat essentially became an exercise in memorization, with each foe requiring a different tactic or gadget to take out of the equation. While the medics were a nuisance, it was the brutes that caused the biggest headache.

These massive henchmen may have moved slowly compared to the rest of their comrades, but their design was ridiculously frustrating. Their attacks couldn't countered, only dodged.

Doing any damage required Batman to first perform a stun, followed by a lengthy beatdown. All of this was happening while there could be upwards of 30 other goons circling the area, so being forced to give up on dropping the brute in order to avoid being hit by a pipe was a far too common experience.

Predator sections didn't offer a reprieve either. Brutes were immune to both regular and fear takedowns. Unless players were able to get creative with their environment, then they were forced to perform a loud, lengthy beatdown, where the chance of being noticed by literally anyone else on the map and instantly getting shot to death was high.

Yes, Batman should be challenged, but it's ok to scale back the nonsense just a little bit.


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