10 Infuriatingly Overpowered Video Game Enemies

8. Bears/Druffaloes - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition Bears

Bears and druffaloes differ from every other entry on this list because of the fact that the creatures aren't inherently hostile. In theory, it's easy to completely avoid a fight altogether. In theory.

In reality, for whatever reason, you can fully expect a party member to wander off and pick a fight that they simply cannot win.

Ok, so it is possible to kill these bad boys off at higher levels, but there is next to no reward for doing so. Both come with an impressive set of armor stats, meaning you could be chipping away for 20 minutes and barely make a dent.

Any mages in your group will get mauled within seconds. The rogues will be next to follow, mainly due to Inquisition having terrible Rogue AI that require constant babysitting in order to be even slightly effective. That just leaves the warriors, who, while able to stand up to some serious punishment, also have the lowest damage output.

The best case scenario is to simply try to outrun these animals. Get on your horse, which should make your party mysteriously disappear (which was never really explained), and sprint to the nearest camp or fort as quickly as possible.

Come on, Bioware, if we wanted to face an incredibly strong enemy that could easily wipe out an unprepared group, we would have just tracked down a dragon.


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