10 INSANE Game Plots You Won't Believe Exist

Good luck trying to explain any of these games to your family or friends...

Team Silent

Trying to explain video games can be an endeavor at the best of times. This can be especially difficult if an individual is a non-gamer or perhaps has not played a particular game. After all, blue hedgehogs and wall-jumping plumbers have become industry standards.

However, certain games aspire to deviate even further from expectations or certain conventions. This results in some truly bizarre game plots, which succeed in baffling experienced players who have chosen to immerse themselves in some truly unique universes.

From dating literal birds, to using the power of dance to vanquish resurrected conquerors, these games require players to expect the unexpected. However, this does not prevent writers and developers from inserting extra twists. Even the strangest plot elements are not simply a single-use gimmick, but act as crucial elements of the full gaming experience.

An effective story has the ability to affect its audience in strange and unusual ways. This is particularly true for equally strange and unusual games. This can result in a player experiencing jaw-dropping disbelief at the absurdity they are viewing, to becoming fully immersed and wanting to discover the complete depth of these particular rabbit holes.

By utilising art styles and characters which complement and emphasis the multitude of ludicrous plot developments, reprieves soon become relative. However, for those that enjoy surprises, this can be an exciting concept.

These games may not have become the most popular or have left a lasting cultural impact, but they may certainly leave an impression on those who play them.

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