10 Insane Gaming Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

That hated E.T game? More successful than you might think, apparently...

Everyone loves coming across an obtuse and obscure secret, whether it was stumbled upon whilst randomly surfing the internet or actively pursuing that pint of extra knowledge. It€™s easy to understand why too; knowledge hands us the satisfaction of being able to one-up our friends, family, and peers in virtually any discussion. There€™s a reassuring aura of superiority emitted after busting out a completely mind-blowing piece of information amidst a typical and mundane discussion. Everyone is left speechless as the spotlight shoots towards you for about 10 seconds.

Video games are no exception and have garnered quite the perplexing list of factoids amongst their 3+ decade existence as well. Some of them aren€™t even directly involved with the game themselves, but rather some truly batty corporate decisions. Other selections are just plain awesome and in some cases, paved the way for an entire new genre of gaming.

For now, I have handpicked 10 insane gaming facts that I have either known about and will hope blow your boxers off the same way they did mine, or have left me slack-jawed as well throughout my research. As Mario would say; LET'S-A-GO!

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