10 Insane Gaming Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

10. L Is Real 2401 €“ Super Mario 64

I would love to admit that we€™re starting off with the most bizarre selection here but we€™re not. Nevertheless, this is a secret that has fascinated gamers ever since the release of Super Mario 64.

You€™re probably wondering just what the heck €œL is real 2401€ means but all any gamer can say for certain is that the hint of gibberish is transcribed on a stone statue placed around the castle courtyard. The common consensus was that Luigi was secretly locked into the game as a playable character, hence the derivation of €œL is real 2401€ In addition, 2401 also totaled the amount of collectable coins in the game leading to gamers gullibly falling under the impression that it was the key factor.

Obviously it wasn€™t though, and as time went on IGN started offering $100 bounties to anyone that could prove Luigi€™s fabled existence. Nintendo eventually went on record stating that Luigi was not present in the game in any fashion whatsoever. That€™s one case solved, but it still doesn€™t shed any light on the mysterious scripture.

Nowadays some gamers believe that the message was a 5 year hint towards Luigi€™s presence in Super Paper Mario which was eerily released in some areas on February 4th 2001, effectively rendering everything one shocking anagram that Nintendo milked for 5 years.

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