10 Insane Reasons That Video Games Were Missing Features

These games were lacking expected features for WILD reasons.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

No video game launches in a 100% perfect state, and while publishers often take advantage of modern gaming's ability to update games via the Internet to slough incomplete games onto the market, it can also allow savvy developers to further improve already-great games after launch.

But then there are those games which end up lacking features widely expected by the fanbase - a crushing realisation sometimes made even worse once the developers opened their mouths and put their foot straight in it.

There are many reasons why content can get cut from games - perhaps technical limitations, budgetary restraints, or boring legal red tape. 

None of them are great to hear, but they're a good sight more understandable than these utterly unhinged excuses for cleaving away anticipated game features.

From hiding behind the guise of historical authenticity to criticising the habits of modern gamers, complaining about how hard it is to make female characters, and everything else in-between, the developers came up with excuses ranging from deranged to downright offensive.

The lesson here? No matter how obvious a feature's inclusion might seem, don't count on it until the developers confirm it directly...

10. Removing Weapons For "Historical Accuracy" (Only To Sell Them As DLC) - Dynasty Warriors 9

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Shortly before Dynasty Warriors 9 was released, it was revealed that some of the series' more fun and interesting weapons were being removed, with producer Akihiro Suzuki claiming that this was done for the sake of "realism."

While Dynasty Warriors is based very loosely on historical fact, is anyone really playing these games for water-tight historical authenticity? Not a damn chance.

And to rub salt in the wound, a few months after release Koei Tecmo revealed that they were going to sell the aforementioned removed weapons back to players in the form of paid DLC, because just... selling a complete game to players upfront is apparently too much of an ask these days.

With critical and fan response to the game already in the toilet, this did nothing to calm those who felt short-changed by the thoroughly lackluster Dynasty Warriors 9. 

Striving for realism in a series like this is silly enough, but it becomes downright insulting when it's revealed to be a bold-faced, cash-grabbing lie.

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