10 Insane Things You Won't Believe Were Cut From Resident Evil Games

Leaving Enemies And Gore On The Cutting Room Floor.

resident evil shark

The Resident Evil franchise is one pretty synonymous with the horror video game genre. So deeply are its claws sunk into the very core of the industry that it's almost impossible to find someone who didn't brown their trousers at some point in time thanks to these games.

For some it was the dogs jumping through the windows in Arklay Mansion, for others it was seeing Nemesis for the first time. And then there was Shevas A.I in places of Resident Evil 5 which coined the term "rage dump".

Still, it turns out that Capcom was hiding a lot more up its sleeve than just awesomely worked jump-scares, as data-miners and internet code hounds have delved through the games in the series and unearthed some utter gems that, unfortunately, for one reason or another, never made it to retail.

So let's explore the limbs, entrails and gore that was left on Resident Evils cutting room floor, as these are 10 Insane Things You Won't Believe Were Cut From Resident Evil Games

10. Chris Redfield's Mega Man Outfit - Resident Evil 1

resident evil shark

While the Resident Evil series might make Capcom a tonne of stinky cheddar when it comes to sales, it's obviously not the only iconic franchise they have under their belt, as alongside the always slick Dante from Devil May Cry, they also have the wonderfully beloved Mega Man series.

While in recent years Capcom has been a bit shy about their love for the blue bomber, back in the day they were more than keen to tie his mega busting fame to anything they could, and it turns out that at some point in development Chris Redfield might have gotten the Mega Man treatment in Resident Evil 1.

Thanks to some intrepid data miners, fans uncovered an unused outfit for Chris that has a tiny, and rather crudely drawn Mega Man icon next to it. The outfit is in an unfinished state and was likely canned shortly into its development, but it's still a huge missed opportunity, especially if said suit came with some Mega Man gadgets!

It sure would have added some levity to the otherwise dour Resident Evil tone, which is something that Capcom nailed going forward with the likes of Tofu.


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