10 Insane Things You Won't Believe Were Cut From Resident Evil Games

9. Survival Mechanics - Resident Evil 5

resident evil shark

Resident Evil 5 sure was placed in a rather difficult position following the monolithic success of Resident Evil 4, wasn't it? With 4 topping sales charts and lapping up critical praise, it felt like unless Resident Evil 5 offered you the stars themselves that it would always be seen as inferior to its predecessor.

Well for its part Resident Evil 5 didn't play it safe, moving the action to daylight settings, and providing the player with an A.I companion in the form of Sheva. While it might not have succeeded across the board, Resi 5 can't be accused of letting the wheels spin, and things were apparently even crazier in the games early development stages.

From what scarce information we can find online, it seems that the game was originally going to include survival mechanics based around a "sunstroke" system. As Africa is an incredibly sunny and hot locale, Chris would not only be under extreme pressure from his enemies but from the heat as well. As such a mechanic that required him to take shelter in shade lest he loses health, and more worryingly sanity, was going to force the player to pick their battles carefully.

It sounds like it would have added even more tension to the game, but maybe in part due to the constraints this would have placed on level design and by extension the player, it was dropped early on in development.


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