10 Insane Video Game Details You Definitely Missed

Red Dead 2 is the gift that keeps on giving.

Red Dead Redemption 2
Rockstar Games & /r/GamingDetails

The amount of work that goes into producing even the most mediocre video game is completely ridiculous, and the industry's much frowned-upon culture of crunch is ultimate proof of just how much effort is required to bring any title to market.

The interactive nature of video games of course makes them a very different beast from, say, movies, with no two players typically experiencing a game in exactly the same way.

And so, for players who cut through the critical path rather than stop to smell the roses, it's possible to miss out on the wealth of loving detail developers imbue within their games.

Courtesy of the incredible sleuths over at /r/GamingDetails, these are the jaw-droppingly stunning, unexpected, and insanely obsessive details packed into games that you absolutely, positively never picked up on.

If nothing else, they'll surely grant you a greater appreciation for the brain-breaking graft which goes into video game development...


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