10 Insane Video Game Details You Definitely Missed

10. Jewish NPCs Disappear On Saturdays Because Of The Sabbath - Spider-Man

Spider-Man PS4
Insomniac Games

Insomniac Games' Spider-Man boasts a vibrant open-world stocked with a diverse array of NPCs in a committed effort to reflect the diversity of New York City itself.

And in a clever flourish that was clearly lost on 99.999% of players, Insomniac decided to stay true to the habits of its Orthodox Jewish NPCs by ensuring that, if you played the game on a Saturday, they'd be nowhere to be seen.

Basically, in the Jewish faith Saturday is a day of rest - or "Sabbath" - and so many Jews will neither work nor even leave their homes, as is reflected with a subtle brilliance here. If the game reads the PS4's system clock as a Saturday, then the Jewish characters spend a quiet day at home.

It was ultimately a detail so subtle, however, that literally nobody noticed it, and an Insomniac developer eventually resorted to revealing it on social media themselves after growing impatient waiting for someone to figure it out.


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